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Annual Report

Annual Report

Hilo Medical Center Foundation has a productive year

Rotary Check Present

The Hilo Medical Center Foundation wrapped up 2012 with a long list of accomplishments that embraced its mission to support the Hilo Medical Center with projects that benefit the greater community.

“We select our projects by asking the question, ‘Will this benefit the hospital and the people in our community?'” said Foundation Executive Director Lori Rogers. “If the answer is ‘yes,’ our Board of trustees and I dedicate our time and energy to making those projects happen.”

“As this year comes to a close, the Foundation thanks the greater Hilo community, local businesses, individuals, and hospital employees for their help in accomplishing the following projects that improved the quality of care, customer service, and both patient and employee satisfaction,” said Rogers.

Numbered below are The Foundation’s accomplishments for 2012:

1. The River Cottage

Before and After Cottage

The Foundation renovated the River Cottage for medical students and resident doctors at Hilo Medical Center to stay at while continuing their education.

2. The Residency Program

FAmily Health Clinic

The Foundation continues to manage restricted accounts for the Residency Program, which is now known as the HHSC Primary Care Physician Training Program. The Foundation also continues to help support the Legislative Committee secure funding for the program in 2013 and going forward. Three Executive Board members and staff traveled to Oahu in 2012 to meet and educate the Legislature regarding the Residency Program in hopes to help secure more funding.

3. The Adopt-A-Room Campaign

adopt high tea roomAnother highlight was launching of the two-year “Adopt-A-Room” fundraising campaign to renovate 32 patient-care rooms on the third-floor Medical Unit. “Our goal is to raise the funds to renovate 14 semi-private rooms that can accommodate two patients, which can be adopted for $12,000, and 18 private rooms accommodating one patient, which donors can adopt for $6,500 per room,” said Rogers.

4. Diabetes In Control

The Foundation also secured and managed the funds from two grants to find the Diabetes in Control classes held at the Hilo Medical Center.

5. Long Term Care Shower Renovations

The Foundation started renovation of the Long-Term Extended Care facility’s shower through Foundation funds and donor funds.

6. Lactation Room

HMCF furnished a room for nursing HMC employees and hospital visitors.The Foundation furnished a Lactation Room for nursing Hilo Medical Center employees and hospital visitors.

7. The Yukio Okutsu Veteran’s Home

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Foundation manages a restricted account for funds donated to the Yukio Okutsu Veteran’s Home.

8. Patient Satisfaction Carts

The Foundation recently designated $3,000 towards patient satisfaction carts to help patients pass the time during their stay at the hospital.

9. Employee Recognition

The Foundation has designated $1,500 towards the Hilo Medical Center’s Employee Recognition ceremonies, where outstanding hospital employees are honored.

10. Hilo Christmas Parade

The Foundation was also proud to help decorate the Long Term Care Facility’s van so that residents could participate with over 150 employees and their families. The Foundation helped secure this van for the Long Term Care Facility, and a second van has been secured for the facility and the hospital.

11. Wine, Cheese, Chocolate, and MORE!!

At our 10th anniversary Wine, Cheese, Chocolate, and MORE!! fundraiser, we were able to raise approximately $50,000 that will hep fund future projects.

Ways You Can Help

The Hilo Medical Center Foundation serves as a conduit for people to donate money or items to the hospital’s various departments. “Ways you can help your hospital and community in 2013 include sharing information about the Foundation,” said Rogers. “We’ve grown to the point where we accept stocks as donations, and we also manage endowments.”

The Hilo Medical Center Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1995. The Foundation provides an avenue for people to donate money, stocks, equipment, personal property, time, services, and other assets for the support of the Hilo Medical Center and projects that benefit the greater community. Our offices are located at 1190 Waianuenue Avenue on the second floor. Call 808-935-2957 for more information.

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