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Repairing the River Cottage

“Before” Pictures
“After” Pictures

The River Cottage is now ready to house the newest rounds of residents and medical students! Please take a look at the pictures below to see how the project has progressed. We are very lucky to have such wonderful community organizations who are willing to donate time to help complete worthy projects such as this.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this project possible!

Kiwanis Club of East Hawaii

Kiwanis Club of East Hawaii

Thank you to those who attended the River Cottage Mahalo Celebration on March 2nd! Please see pictures of the event below:

Thank you to the Kiwanis Club of East Hawaii, the Waiakea High School Key Club, and Circle K International at UH-Hilo for volunteering multiple days to complete the preparation of the exterior of the River Cottage for painting. We really appreciate your hard work and dedication to this project! Also a big thank you to Gary Castro from the YMCA who helped tremendously by painting the entire exterior of the cottage!

Thank you to the Hilo Rotary Club and the South Hilo Rotary Club for helping the Foundation by painting the interior of the River Cottage! Your support is always appreciated!

Repair the River Cottage and They Will Come!

Announcing a call to action to repair housing for new doctors and medical students

Hilo Medical Center Foundation has launched a fundraising campaign to repair the hospital’s River Cottage to house medical students and residents rotating at the residency program, the hospital and community physicians offices.

The River Cottage (also referred to as the old Administrator’s Cottage) is approximately 4,000 square-feet and was built in the 1950’s and is a Type II (wood) constructed building. The cottage is located above the hospital, overlooking the Wailuku River. Until recently the cottage had been used to house residents and students doing their clinical rotations at the hospital and throughout the community.

The Foundation is looking for help to repair the River Cottage in the following areas:

  • Removing the existing roof and replacing it with new roofing
  • Repairing the eaves in the garage area and back corner of
    the house and any structural damage that may be discovered
    when the roof is removed
  • Painting the interior and exterior of the cottage

“By repairing the River Cottage, we will be ensuring medical students and new doctors have a positive experience in Hilo,” said Lori Rogers, Executive Director of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation. “We are calling on local businesses and our community for help with this project in providing materials or committing to a generous contribution between $1,000 and $10,000. This project is very much in line with our mission to support the hospital and benefit our community.”

“As one of the community physicians who welcomes medical students and residents into my practice, I can attest that these future doctors greatly benefit from a unique rural medicine experiencein Hilo,” said Dr. Lynda Dolan, HMCF Trustee and HMC’s long-term care hospitalist. “Providing them an inviting and comfortable place to stay during their rotations is good way to attractthem to work in Hilo.”

The Foundation has enlisted a contractor to do the roof and repairs to the cottage, community service organizations and other businesses to help with cleaning, the interior and exterior painting, and yard work.

Contact us for more information
or donate now to help support this effort to bring more physicians to the Big Island.

Returning from a tour of the River Cottage where Dr. Lee’s student had been staying at. From left to right: HMCF Executive Director Lori Rogers, HMCF President Dawn Pung, Dr. Lee head of psychiatric at Hilo Medical Center, one of Dr. Lee’s students from Oahu who was staying at the River Cottage, and Board of Trustee Member Julie Tulang

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