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Hilo Medical Center Foundation Gains Honorary Board Member

Hilo Medical Center Foundation Gains Honorary Board Member

Dr. Richard Robbins has been nominated as an Honorary Board member of the Hilo Medical Center Foundation (HMCF) by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.  Lori Rogers, Executive Director, HMCF stated, “Dr. Robbins has provided valuable leadership and generous funding for many of the Foundation projects throughout the last years.”  Dr. Robbins has been involved in the complete renovation of the cottage on the hospital campus which provides housing for medical students and the refurbishing of the patient shower facilities at Hilo Medical Center’s Extended Care Facility as well as helping fill the shelves of the library at the Health Systems Corporation Primary Care Training Program (HHSCPCTP), formerly known as the Hilo Residency Program. Dr. Robbins joins the ranks of Dr. Hoon Park and Mr. Fred Koehnen as Honorary Board Members.  Lori Rogers states, “on behalf of the entire Board, I congratulate and thank  Dr. Robbins for his tireless efforts and kind generosity in supporting the  mission of the HMCF”.

The Foundation’s mission is “to support the Hilo Medical Center with projects that benefit the greater community.”

Please visit the website at or call the office at 935-2957.


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