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HMCF Fundraiser For Obstetrics And Pediatric Renovations

HMCF Fundraiser for Obstetrics and Pediatric Renovations

For the little ones; Hilo hospital to improve obstetrics and pediatric units

As the number of newborns on Hawaii Island continues to grow, Hilo Medical Center is looking to spruce up its obstetrics and pediatric units with a new look and new equipment.

The Hilo Medical Center Foundation will kick off a new fundraising campaign Thursday that organizers hope will help cover about $407,000 in renovations. The campaign will go through the end of April, said the foundation’s executive director, Lisa Rantz.

“Hilo is growing, and we want people to have a good experience when they’re in the hospital,” she said Monday.

HMC is handling an average of about 100 newborns a month, she said, and by the end of the current fiscal year could possibly surpass 1,200 deliveries in a single year. And with that increased use of the facilities, the hospital wants to upgrade its patient experience.

“We have great nurses and great doctors taking care of our patients, but we want the look and the facility to reflect the great care they’re getting. We want the best equipment. We’ve been adding state-of-the-art equipment like CT scanners and MRI machines, and now we want to do this,” Rantz said.

Original article posted By COLIN M. STEWART Hawaii Tribune-Herald
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