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Our Purpose

The Hilo Medical Center Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1995. The Foundation provides an avenue for people to donate money, stocks, equipment, personal property, time, services, and other assets for the support of the Hilo Medical Center and projects that benefit the greater community.

A proud and major accomplishment of the Foundation was the Million/Million Campaign where over a million dollars was raised to remodel and upgrade an aged Emergency Department. In conjunction with this capital campaign the Foundation assisted and supported the creation of the first and only Veteran’s Home in the State of Hawaii which is located on the grounds of Hilo Medical Center. The Veteran’s Home holds up to 92 beds for our U.S. honored veterans in Hawaii.

The Foundation was also instrumental in the fundraising campaign to help bring doctors to Hawaii through the Rural Family Practice Residency Program now called Hawaii Health System Corporation Primary Care Training Program (HHSCPCTP). This is a program that trains physicians in their last three years of medical school here on the island. Studies show that most young physicians end up practicing in or near the communities where they did their residency; which in turn will help bring more doctors to Hawaii to address the physician shortage crisis. To further the cause, the Foundation has renovated the River Cottage, which will be used to house medical students, residents, and new physicians, providing them with a safe, clean place to stay while they study and practice medicine in Hilo.  This is an ongoing project, if you would like to receive more information, please call the Foundation office.

Please see our Projects pages for more information on our past and current projects.

*The Hilo Medical Center Foundation’s yearly tax filing is available for public review by using Guide Star*

*The Hilo Medical Center Foundation’s policies and bylaws are available for public review at 140 Rainbow Drive, Hilo, Hawaii 96720*

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