Ke Aloha Kaiāulu

“The Loving Community”

Ke Aloha Kaiāulu which means “The Loving Community” is a program to help healthcare professionals new to Hawaiʻi Island feel comfortable even before they arrive to our island. Upon arrival, each provider is greeted with an “Aloha” basket filled with local products and brochures of community resources and other pertinent information that will be helpful as they transition to calling our island, “home”. We all know that the experience of moving can be stressful, our goal with this program, is to make every effort to make this transition as smooth and welcoming as possible and to ensure our healthcare professionals are well connected to other community organizations so they will continue to stay and provide patient care on our island for years to come.
Businesses, Organizations and groups that would like to have their information represented in our Ke Aloha Kaiāulu program resource book can fill out this form (insert link) so we may include your information in our welcome package and on our website.

For more information about the Ke Aloha Kaiāulu program contact our office at (808) 932-3636.

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